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Perfume is not a product like any other, it touches the intimacy, the heart and the memory of everyone, it deserves to be worked with passion.









The brand Design des Sens was founded in 2017 by 3 fragrance specialists from Grasse: a perfumer, a marketer and a designer.


The gathering of passionate experts results in a brand dedicated to the development of unique olfactive signatures.

Hanging fleur blanche


well-being atmosphere,

sensuousness, private luxury time,

awakening of the senses


Tell us your story


You are a brand and would like to fragrance your points of sales?


• Your company has a brand and you and would like to energize your team work by an atmosphere that promotes well-being and concentration?


• You are an event planner agency and would like to offer personalized perfumed service to your clients?

• You are a hotel and would like to offer your customers a full experience, a delicate fragrance that will durably mark the memory they will keep from passing through your hotel?


• You would like to create a unique range of scents?

We are listening to you 


Here are some examples of experiences you could suggest to your clients:



• The happiness of arriving in a holiday home imprinted with the smell that awakens beautiful memories.


• Being able to bring back home a little piece of that perfect stay in your beautiful hotel or guest house overlooking the Mediterranean sea.


• He proposed on the Island of Saint-Honorat near Cannes. For this special moment, the time to say yes, marine notes coming from turquoise waters mixed with warm notes of pine trees, will accompany them and give a unique memory to their guests.


Design des Sens is the conductor of your desires and makes your dream of a fragrant product come true.





Your custom-made perfume according to your project but also to be selected in our Librairie Olfactive.


- We have created 12 fragrances, with different themes,

desires and various positions.


We have created, selected and retained, with particular attention to these compositions for their evocative and olfactory qualities. They are perfectly in line with the current trend. 


We bring the same involvement to the support; whether it is in the form of perfume to be widely diffused in the sales area, scented candles, capillas or the scent of your care products.


- All the signature fragrances in our Librairie Olfactive are creations by Hélène, our perfumer, and have undergone the same quality requirements as custom-made products.





A stop by the sea, in the lively and salty atmosphere left by the sea spray all along the beach. The bleached wood brought by the sea shines softly in the sun, time is suspended, the calm and serenity of this beach invites contemplation.

Design des Sens transforms all ideas into unique perfumed products whatever the support or innovation.


• Ambiance scents : candles, diffusers, sprays etc...


• Skin fragrances, cosmetic lines


• Suppliers carefully chosen according to your budget and quantities


• The fruit of attentive listening, a unique project, a design of customized essences.


• A coaching from the creative brief elaborated with you or by you to the brochures and objects necessary for its launch.

la reponse
Image de Liana Mikah

Expertise or the field of multiple possibilities 


• Olfactive creations and formulations for all media


• Branding / product conception / strategy / brand territory / design / marketing


• Visual identity / packaging / launch communication


• Finished product conception and manufacturing follow-up in partnership with the best professionals of the industry.


• Operational marketing / launch communication / editorial / vendors training tools

They have confidence in us

and from this trust were born some very nice achievements. Unique fragrances that reflect your personality.
A thousand thanks!


Following the steps of the 3 founders, the agency Design des Sens is located in Grasse, the world Perfumery Capital, where the know-how is.


A perfectly controlled ecosystem, favorable for the hatching of your scented project.

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